Artist Specializing in Graphic Design, Photography, and Illustration

Dope Soda Co.
Made With Real Fruit Juice!

Fruit flavored soda pop in bright colors with a matching animal character for each flavor. Made with real fruit in plant-based bottles, this soda is as good as it is cute. Original illustrations inspired by 1990s Pop Art. Bright, nearly neon colors, rainbows, and animals with large expressive eyes. Logo and animal characters applied to bottle labels, vending machine, boxes and selected merchandise.

Animal House
Rescue, Rehab & Shelter

Nonprofit animal shelter. Working to solve the fear of rescue animals and their inherent problems, matching the right animal to the right home. Logo will be utilized in embroidery and screen print to a variety of soft-lines stationary, and pet toys. Items to be used by staff and animals also available for purchase as fund raising. Business cards, staff ID badges, company van, also utilize logo branding.

Salon Ms.
High End Beauty Parlor and Spa

Pamper yourself with Salon Ms.'s array of beauty and spa services from an expert haircut or color to a hot stone massage. Logo applied to business and appointment cards; letterhead; spa signage; embroidered on aprons, robes, towels, and smocks; and cosmetic and personal care line.

Rooster's BBQ
Nashville Style Barbeque, Bar & Grill.
Featuring a wide array of meats, hot sauce bar, and all the fixin's plus a traveling food truck for festivals or party rentals, Rooster's BBQ is sure to be a perennial hit. Logo will be applied to packaging including takeout containers, bags, gift cards, aprons and a variety of purchasable shirts, gifts, accessories, and hot sauce.

The Hidden Hatter
Your Secret to Style

Upscale men's hat and fashion accessories boutique. Serving musicians, architects, actors, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and beyond. Logo will be applied to packaging including bags, labels, gift cards, envelopes, and hat boxes. Marketing opportunities with website, letterhead, and business cards. Utilized on interior of custom order hats. Die-cut stickers & simplified logo applied to rubber stamp for myriad of quick branding.

Design History Quote Abraham Lincoln

Full color, 11x17" Drawing on historical style to either meld or, by contrast, emphasize context of the quote and speaker.

Typographic Specimen Poster
Fredric Goudy, Goudy Sans

Full color, 11x17" Features full set of upper and lowercase characters, numbers, ligatures and major punctuation marks of chosen typeface, as well as design elements of the typographer.

Architectural Illustration
Travel Poster: Malta

Full color, 11x17" Original illustration for a campaign to engage interest in traveling to Malta, a little known island country has been the crossroads of the Mediterranean for over two milennia.

Film Festival Gig Poster
A Kid from Brooklyn

Full color, 11x17" Original illustration for Alpine Cinema's 75th anniversary celebration of Captain America on Film. For over one hundred years, this theater has been a staple of the Brooklyn arts scene. Celebrating the borough's most famous and beloved fictional character.

Critical Magazine
Queerbaiting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Original Illustrations for cover and article critiquing how the studio has erased LGBT+ characters, highlighting the relationship between James "Bucky" Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Multi Page Publication
Solar Magazine

Celebrating NASA's successful Mars Rover landing, anniversary of Columbia's first flight, and more. Twenty page magazine includes full bleed pages, custom advertisements, and a centerfold poster.

Brochure with Interior Poster
Horses with Hope in collaboration with Gilfillan Farm

Client Work Full color, 11x17" poster, folding into brochure to notify & remind current and future clients or guardians of location change. Brochure opens to gate fold on image of barn, which in tum opens to information and history of farm. Interior spread fold is offset by 1" so bottom of poster is visible.

Direct Mailer
Grocery Store Opening

Full color, 11x17" , Die-cut and folded in quarters with specialty pop-out fold rainbow of produce. For households living within nearby zip code area to notify new and existing customers in the region of the new location opening and it's features.

Type Weave
Mandrake Theater Shakespeare Series

Incorporating typography and photography to create a consistent advertising campaign while coordinating the atmosphere of the individual performances.

Social Action Campaign
Sex Education: Consent

Campaign goal is to create an awareness of the importance of Sexual Consent. The state of reproductive education in this country is abysmal; filed with mis-truths and gaping holes. Directed at males and females, aged 13-20. Calls upon vintage imagery to show how far we have come and as a reminder that the "good old days" were not so good for many. Directing them to resources and information.

CSC University Logo
In-house Continuing Education

Client Work Assigned to create a new logo incorporating the Carnegie Science Center's style and their four keys of operation: safety, courtesy, experience, and efficiency; which inform every decision made as an organization and as employees. Logo used on monthly employee newsletter and CSC University events.

Carnegie Science Center
Web Advertisements

Client Work I was tasked with creating June and July advertisements for the Science Center's Xplor Store gift-shop. Worked within set size, theme, and typeface parameters while given freedom in the rest of design. Advertisements were used on Carnegie Science Center's website, Twitter, and Facebook

Carnegie Science Center
Photograph exhibits, classes, and events

Client Work A large part of Carnegie Science Center duties was to expand their catalogue of photography. They have many great events, camps, classes, and new exhibits opening all the time. Included are some photos already used on Carnegie Science Center's Instagram account including Snowball Day, River Weekend, and a Summer Camps.


Client Work Photographs taken both personally and professionally for many years. Including Weddings, Fashion, Family, Travel and Pets

Fine Art

Client Work A wide array of subjects and styles; taken with both film and digital.

Client Work Custom Illustration. Black and white colored pencil on grey paper.

Steve Rogers Dog Walking Service

Client Work inspired by a Captain America interview with Chris Evans: "There's no real darkness to him...How do I make this guy someone you want to watch? I don't get jokes...I'm just, like, 'Hi, I'll walk your dog. I'll help you move.'"

Portrait of Dodger Evans

10,000 Marks. Created from thousands of tiny stars drawn with only a ballpoint pen. 16x20"

Mapping the Alphabet. Found type project.

Client Work A portrait of Ginger, and her attitude.

Zoom University Client Work Digital Manipulation.